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Learn More About Who dotflo Is.

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Spencer Tate (Left) has led startups, including Trash 'n' Dash, Revere, and Disruptonomics, and has professional experience at Ernst & Young, specializing in economics and business analytics.

With one year to go at Furman, a respected liberal arts university, Spencer will graduate with a degree in Economics, equipping him to effectively lead All Things Economics & Marketing at dotflo.

Nemath Ahmed (Right) has garnered experience at renowned tech companies such as Cisco, Intel, AI Research at Georgia Tech, Dozee, and Analog Devices.

With an undergraduate degree from IIT Indore and currently pursuing graduate studies in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, Nemath leads All Things Tech at dotflo.

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 The dotflo Way

At dotflo, we uphold core values that guide us towards integrity, respect for others, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do. The dotflo Way extends beyond mere values; it is a culture that resonates deeply within the hearts of the founders, driving the team to innovate for others

Our Vision

Our mission is to accelerate the power of search for every organization with the advancements of AI.

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